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Logistics Services

We deliver end to end logistics services which includes road transportation, clearing & forwarding, warehousing and fleet management.

Sustainable Products

We supply Flyash, GGBS, AAC blocks & Readymix concrete (RMC). Majority of our products are green building materials & sustainable in nature.

Value Added Services

Value added services are the extension to our existing services & products, which includes technical & market making support.

Key Achievements

Market making for Heidelberg cement (Zuari), of over 20000 MT per month in a span of one year

Supplying to top three infrastructure companies of India

Tata project L&T Godrej

Transportation of 6,000 MT of GGBS done for Raft Foundation (3 Rafts @2000 MT each, completed within 48 hours) at World One –Lodha Towers in Mumbai

Debagging & Delivering over 200,000 MT of Vicat Cement (formerly Bharathi) at Bombay Port Trust

Client’s Encouragement

Penna cements

ASL leadership has got never-say-never attitude and hardworking nature. They are always passionate about making the mark in industry and pursue prospective projects.

Mr. Rohit Vohra

Director, Adani Cementation Ltd.

On time delivery has enabled ASL to be competitive and efficient, ASL is well informed of market pulse and trends. We can count on ASL to stand by the company during times of crisis.

Mr. Jeevan Uchil

Head Procurement- RMX Business, ACC Ltd.

ASL is equipped with a very good knowledge about supply chain management and understand the importance of timely service in a cost-effective manner, always open to new ideas and ready to take risk in new ventures.

Mr. Vimal Kumar Choudhary

President (Finance) & Head Logistics, Heidelberg Cement Group

I’m impressed by ASL’s keen sense of understanding of the cement industry. They stay up to date with market dynamics.

Mr. Krishna Srivastava

Director Sales & Marketing, Penna Cement Industries Ltd.

ASL were the first Clearing & Forwarding agents and transporters appointed by Vicat group for Mumbai market. Their professional approach and technical know how has always ensured smooth business operations.

Mr. Pravin Kumar Garg

Sr. Vice President (Logistics), Vicat Group

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